About Us

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About Us

Enter Game Dev

Students of Shippensburg University with an interest or passion in video games, have been gathering since 2008 in the Computer Science Department, weekly, with one goal in mind: to make video games! As a club (and a cool one at that) we're able to provide students who wish to do the same a time and place to gather each week and work in teams to let their imaginations run wild.

We're not solely about making and programming the games, we're about assisting students and helping understand and go through the entire development process together. All the way from the first stages of design, to how to organize and work in a team, to distributing your demos and final projects that you've made during your time here with friends.

A Social Club

The Videogame Development Club isn't just a team for hire or recruitment, we are a student club. As such there are a few things that we like to encourage members to understand and believe in the following

Just because you're not tech savy doesn't mean you can't create a videogame!

We're all about helping others learn the ropes with any aspect of game design.

Game Development is a long and hard process, don't get bummed out if your game is taking awhile.

Talk to other members, socialize, find out what everyone is doing, and network

We're a club, feel free to just come in and hang out to destress from a hard week of work.

Never be afraid to ask for help!

We meet in the Computer Science labs so then everyone has access to power, comfortable seating, and a well structured environment for teamwork and cooperation. Also because the department is really cool, nice, and has been highly supportive of our club.

Our Club's Current Council
These are students who have been elected by other members to represent the organization.



Madeline Cardinale

Vice President

Ryan Carroll


Jan Molina


Joseph Kunsman


Dudley Girard


Honorary Alumni
These are previous members that have gone above and beyond with supporting this club even post-graduation



Matthew Hydock


Will Fisher


Andrew Hoffman


Andrew Herring


Nicholas Hydock




Abe Loscher


Ian Keefer


Ledny Joseph


Gabby Rocha


David Jones




Zach Thompson


TJ Renninger


Nate Manning


Evan Schoenberger


Emmitt Frankenberry




Trevor Kelly