Get your Resources Here

Step right up to the best part of the site: the list of resources. These resources will surely help you become better at programming team problems. There are books, problem sets, guides, and they're all free for you to use.


Programming Challenges is an excellent book for general programming problems and theory. Art of Programming Contest is great for C data structures in particular.


UVA Online Judge is one of the most valuable resources we have. This site will allow you to submit problems which will be judged just like in a contest. It is the official location of all ACM problem sets.

Programming Challenges is the accompaniment site to the Programming Challenges book. It provides a way to judge all of the problems, although uVA is also capable.

Weekly Resources

As long as it is possible, the weekly meetings will be placed on here. We cannot guarantee this or promise any sort of speedy turn around. It's best to go to the meetings.

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