All about Competitions Trust us, they're fun

Competitions are times where practiced teams can get together with other teams from other regions to see who can solve the most problems in the fastest amount of time. The competitions usually last up to 5 hours and feature a wide variety of problem types. Almost all competitions give out awesome prizes and free swag. Plus, they look amazing on your resume.

What are the competitions?

In the Fall

In-House Competitions

These are competitions open only to Shippensburg students. The problems are made by either professors or a Programming Team Cabinet Member. Pizza is given out as well as cash prizes. We shoot for 2-3 per year. These are held in the Spring as well and all CS students should participate.

ACM Regionals

Schools from around the area come to compete at Shippensburg! Our entire floor plan gets switched around to accomodate everyone. Check-in starts around 8:30am. We have free breakfast, a practice run, and then lunch. Following that, the real fun begins! Afterwards, pizza is consumed and we find out the score results. Winners from the region get to go straight to World's!

IEEExtreme 24 Hour

This competition is for extreme programmers! It lasts for 24 hours and has typically featured over 2000 teams from all around the world. The problems are released in waves so that you have to be active for the entire time in order to do well. This is extremely tiring but EXTREMELY fun!

Unnamed Delaware Contest

This is a super casual competition which acts as a warm up for ACM. Pizza is provided and the problem set is designed to be easier than other competitions. This is recommended for anyone and everyone!

In the Spring


Hosted at the nearby Dickinson University, this is a shorter competition which features local universities.

PACISE Conference

This is hosted at one of the 14 state schools and only features state schools in the competition. It also features a conference alongside which some faculty and students present at. There is always a keynote speaker and banquet, and lodging depending on how far it is hosted from us.


CS Games (Canada)

Canada...that's right. This is a competition held in a different school in Canada each Spring. The competitions feature all areas of Computer Science (not just Programming Team). We have gone in the past but fundraising and distance have a large impact. Who knows, maybe we'll go this year!