What is this? I don't even

Have you ever found yourself wondering what the programming team is and what we do? Wonder no more.

We are students who:

  • enjoy puzzles and competing in competitions where speed in solving problems is key.
  • aspire to be able to tackle any problem in any field we choose.
  • just want to have fun while learning from each other.

Who can join?

  • Ladies and gentlement of all ages and majors who desire to participate in what we do!
  • Anyone who wants to be super-cool*

What will I gain from participating in the team?

  • Improved problem solving skills that will benefit you in all classes and in future jobs.
  • Developed team skills by taking on various roles in a team.
  • Increased attention to detail as it is key to solving problems effectively.
  • Knowledge to categorize problems so solving them is as simple as knowing a few generic solutions.
  • An AWESOME resume piece that will help you get a job in the future.**

When do we meet?

  • We meet in MCT 162 every Tuesday from 3:30pm - 5:00pm.

*This may not actually make you more cool

**This WILL actually help you get a job

JT Wightman President

As the Pres, JT works on making competitions and meetings run smoothly.

Derek Belsky Vice-President

Derek presents the problems at our meetings, talks about strategies to help us solve those problems, and keeps everything smooth.

Emmitt Frankenberry Treasurer

Emmitt works on keeping us in budget and running smoothly.

Adam Yosua Secretary

Adam keeps you up to date with regular emailis and maintains the website!