Ball Popper

This is a game where the goal is to eliminate ALL balls from the field by clicking on a ball which has neighboring balls of the same color, this will eliminate that group of touching balls. To win a game and record the score on the high score board all balls must be completely eliminated from the field. An average score is around 3,500, if you’re really good you can get scores around 8,000-10,000! (or even more, my highest is 11,400). The way the scoring works is the accumulation of removals of groups where the score added to the current score is the number of balls removed, squared, multiplied by 3 (since there are 3 different colors on the field). You can edit in the code how many different colored balls are available on the field and also which color balls are used (See Resources and BallType). This game was inspired by a game on Facebook one night at 1am, it was completed in its current state (approximately) 2 hours later. This game does not have any other screens but the playing screen, and it doesn’t save the high scores for the next play session. There are occasional drawing glitches that have been ironed out using synchronization but occasionally they occur due to some unexpected logic in the java.swing library.




Art & Programming

  • Philip Diffenderfer